KeyShot Plugin Tutorial for SolidWorks

KeyShot Plugin Tutorial for SolidWorks

SolidWorks-Corsi-Un-real 3D-KeyShot per SolidWorks_01

SolidWorks-Corsi-Un-real 3D-KeyShot per SolidWorks_06

SolidWorks is one of the most popular 3D modeling programs around, and while you can import the part and assembly files directly into KeyShot, you can also use the KeyShot SolidWorks plugin to import your model, creating visuals faster with Luxion’s LiveLinking technology to send any model changes back over to KeyShot. In this short video, you’ll learn how to enhance your workflow between KeyShot and Solidworks with all that the KeyShot Solidworks plugin has to offer.

0:27 Downloading the SolidWorks plugin
0:45 Open the model in SolidWorks
0:51 Activate the plugin in SolidWorks
1:04 KeyShot menu in SolidWorks
1:11 Opening SolidWorks model in KeyShot
1:27 LiveLinking connection settings
1:43 Improving tessellation quality
2:21 Switching to NURBS geometry (KeyShot Pro)
2:34 Working with multiple materials, appearance and colors
3:42 Assembly name and structure
3:54 Using LiveLinking to update model changes
5:19 Exporting a KeyShot .bip from SolidWorks
5:47 Importing a SolidWorks model directly

• Adds KeyShot menu to SolidWorks, Tools, menu with Render, Export and Update option
• Opens SolidWorks model in KeyShot, centered and snapped to ground
• Automatically matches units used in SolidWorks
• Maintains color assignments on the part level
• Maintains assembly name and structure
• LiveLinking – update model inside KeyShot
• Export to bip without KeyShot installed
• NURBS import (KeyShot Pro)

Download the plugin here:…

Model by Stephen Kingston available at GrabCAD:…

More tutorials available here:…
Download and try KeyShot here:

SolidWorks-Corsi-Un-real 3D-KeyShot per SolidWorks_05

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